The Cosmic Brain Trust

   The Cosmic Brain Trust is a group of creative people that network and collaborate on new ideas and projects that they enjoy and believe are of value to their communities. Here are main areas of activity:

1.       Media

The Cosmic Brain Trust has a long publishing history beginning with Cosmic Circus magazine (1979) and the prototype graphic novel, “Last American Novel” in 1985. Other products included the Universal Game and the multimedia graphic novel trilogy, Strangest story ever told. See the product list online @:

Previews @:

2.      Electric Church

   Jimi Hendrix founded the Electric Church in 1969. Jimi Hendrix is considered by many to be the greatest Rock guitarist in history. He was also a writer, poet, producer, visual artist, philosopher and shamanic visionary. His ideas were like seeds. Among those ideas was one that was close to his heart, the Electric Church. The Church is a movement, not a conventional organization or corporation. Jimi spoke of his desire to create music so powerful that it could elevate the consciousness and invoke a spiritual experience in the listener. Jimi studied all forms of music and reached out to great talents from various fields to produce multimedia presentations and projects.  We actively seek to continue Jimi’s vision with the creative exploration of classical, popular, tribal and world music as well as the latest technology in preparation for the envisioned transformation of humankind toward a better world. 

More info@:

3.      Sanctuary

   The goal of this coalition is to acknowledge, inspire, counsel and motivate the presently marginal members of society. Historically, churches have provided sanctuary for those suffering from persecutions both physical and spiritual. Today the challenges facing our communities are monumental and many established institutions, both religious and secular, have not fully addressed the real needs of those at risk, especially our troubled youth. The Sanctuary programs are designed to nurture self-empowerment and a community spirit. Part of this process is to deprogram participants from institutionalized propaganda, misinformation and covert mind control tactics of corporations, government agencies and religious cults. This is also a Facebook (CBT) group created to provide information and links to free services, contacts and products that are alternatives to mainstream corporatism. Network link:

     4.Time Banks

     The mission of Time Banks is to nurture and expand a movement that promotes equality and builds caring community economies through inclusive exchange of time and talent.

Time banking is a pattern of reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as currency. It is an example of an alternative monetary system. A time bank, also known as a service exchange, is a community that practices time banking. The unit of currency, always valued at an hour’s worth of any person’s labor, used by these groups has various names, but is generally known as a time dollar in the U.S. and a time credit in the U.K. Time banking is primarily used to provide and  incentives rewards for work such as mentoring children, caring for the elderly, being neighborly—work usually done on a volunteer basis—which a pure market system devalues. Essentially, the “time” one spends providing these types of community services earns “time” that one can spend to receive services.

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