Excepts from Cosmics graphic novel

I was around during the summer of love but I was among the millions of kids that knew only what made it on the evening news. To me it seemed to be connected to the Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Later I theorized that the birth of the hippie was conceived by the union of the beatniks and the New Age/ nudist movement of the 1920s. Western civilization is desperate for a spiritual rebirth or to be more practical, liberation from psychological slavery. But then two wondrous things happened. My brother gave me a tab of LSD in 1970 and I discovered comixs and got published by the Print Mint in 1971. My life took a complete change. I had some catching up to do…


About cosmicbraintrust

Free agent, research on the "Other Humanity" and working with several sources and individuals for the transfer of the current social system into the greater universal community.
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