The story begins with the murder of Paul McCarthy in 1967 by the Leader. His original followers claimed it was part of a conspiracy to activate the Revolution by imploding the Age of Aquarius and giving birth to a New World Order. However, certain followers were seduced by the Process Church. The master plan of the Leader was leaked and dissimilated to the elite. Eventually, Charles Manson became aware of the Plan, which became distorted in his psychedelic mind. He thought that he could gather enough influence to destroy the old system by killing off the rich and replacing them with a new generation.
Meanwhile, the Leader observed how even after the imprisonment and eventual death of the Manson Family, the Plan could still move forward to its second phase. Manson had thought that a race war could be started by blaming a few killings on some crazy black radicals. That was not the original plan. The Leader had a complete terrorist conspiracy in place, ready to be implemented in phases.

Phase one was to implicate the Black Muslims by renewing the notorious Zebra Killings.
Phase two, a complete reenactment of the Manson Family Murders complete with actual killings. This was to be done by using the actual footage of the “Manson Family Movie” with current movies stars and politicians replacing the original victims of 1969.
Phase three, Persons of interest would publicly confess to killing each of the new murder victims. They would reveal certain segments of the filmed murders on social media. They each would identify themselves as “Charles Manson.”
Phase Four, men dressed as hooded KKK began a coordinated attack on black communities in the five top black communities.
Phase Five, to be announced.


About cosmicbraintrust

Free agent, research on the "Other Humanity" and working with several sources and individuals for the transfer of the current social system into the greater universal community.
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