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Sunday dinner

i am the futureSunday Dinner with the Family
The Family is at the Easter dinner table. The daughter has an important announcement.
Adom, the boyfriend: With your blessing sir, I request your permission to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage.
The father says: “no daughter of mine is going to marry a robot.”
His daughter: “Adom is a humanoid. He has rights. You treat your damn car better than you treat him.”
The mother: “Now honey, you know how much your father loves his car.”
Daughter: “Exactly mom. Bobby wouldn’t be here if dad hadn’t fucked you in the back seat of the car. Everybody knows about his fetish for car sex.”
Son Bobby: “You’re all hypocrites. You talk about rights while you eat veal cutlets with blood dripping from the corners of your mouths. None of you care about animal rights. What about the pig penises that are grounded up in the hot links you suck down. I got to sit here and watch this shit every night while I eat this god damn lettuce. If you like meat so much, why don’t you all just suck my teenage cock!”
Father, rising from his seat: “You think I’m going to stand here and take that kind of talk. You want some action? Come over here and drop your pants. I’m gonna whip your ass right now!
Bobby, backing from the table: “Fuck you, old man. I don’t need to take your shit anymore. I got a girlfriend, a real girl and she’s black. We’re going to move away from this fake town”
Father: “Robot, grab the kid. If you want my daughter you best do what I say.”
Mother: Donald, no. He’s just a boy!”
Father Donald: Boy, my ass. He’s got a man size cock. I got to show him who’s the Alpha male. ”
Daughter Norma: “Adom, do something before someone gets killed!”
Adom: “I’m sorry but the first law of Robotics states, a robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. I am only allowed to make a verbal protest. Please stop.”
Donald: “Oh my God, Norma. He’s not even man enough to fight for you. What good is he? Does he strap on your dildo to “make love” to you? Ok, you all can go fuck yourselves. I’m gonna have a beer in the garage.
Norma: “It’s too late dad. I’m pregnant.”
Donald: “What? Jean, did You hear what your daughter, the freak, just said? Oh, my heart can’t take this. Bobby, help your dad to the TV room. I feel weak…”
Bobby: Sure dad, whatever you say. By the way, I guess you should know they stole the sperm from the tissue I tossed in the garbage. They’re going to have a real garbage pail Kid, ha ha!”

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The story begins with the murder of Paul McCarthy in 1967 by the Leader. His original followers claimed it was part of a conspiracy to activate the Revolution by imploding the Age of Aquarius and giving birth to a New World Order. However, certain followers were seduced by the Process Church. The master plan of the Leader was leaked and dissimilated to the elite. Eventually, Charles Manson became aware of the Plan, which became distorted in his psychedelic mind. He thought that he could gather enough influence to destroy the old system by killing off the rich and replacing them with a new generation.
Meanwhile, the Leader observed how even after the imprisonment and eventual death of the Manson Family, the Plan could still move forward to its second phase. Manson had thought that a race war could be started by blaming a few killings on some crazy black radicals. That was not the original plan. The Leader had a complete terrorist conspiracy in place, ready to be implemented in phases.

Phase one was to implicate the Black Muslims by renewing the notorious Zebra Killings.
Phase two, a complete reenactment of the Manson Family Murders complete with actual killings. This was to be done by using the actual footage of the “Manson Family Movie” with current movies stars and politicians replacing the original victims of 1969.
Phase three, Persons of interest would publicly confess to killing each of the new murder victims. They would reveal certain segments of the filmed murders on social media. They each would identify themselves as “Charles Manson.”
Phase Four, men dressed as hooded KKK began a coordinated attack on black communities in the five top black communities.
Phase Five, to be announced.

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Excepts from Cosmics graphic novel

I was around during the summer of love but I was among the millions of kids that knew only what made it on the evening news. To me it seemed to be connected to the Beatles performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Later I theorized that the birth of the hippie was conceived by the union of the beatniks and the New Age/ nudist movement of the 1920s. Western civilization is desperate for a spiritual rebirth or to be more practical, liberation from psychological slavery. But then two wondrous things happened. My brother gave me a tab of LSD in 1970 and I discovered comixs and got published by the Print Mint in 1971. My life took a complete change. I had some catching up to do…

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Hidden cabin contained secret message 2017

Arcada authorities version:
“Different Everywhere”
“Every community creates its own outlaws. Those individuals, who, willingly or not, have not abided by the laws of the gods or authorities have always been banished… We will carry our difference everywhere as individuals determined to subvert the rules of the community.”
Original version:
“Different Everywhere”
“It’s an old story and a long one, that every community creates its own outlaws. Those individuals, who, willingly or not, have not abided by the laws of the gods or the authorities, have always been banished. The difference that was burnt at the stake by the Holy Inquisition is today constrained between the lines of traveling papers or an expulsion order, when not enclosed in an asylum or a prison. In contempt for those who would like to expel us or chain us up due to one of those descriptions such as “terrorist” or “gang member” on which unanimous preventative condemnation comes down, we will carry our difference everywhere as individuals determined to subvert the rules of the community.”

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Imps -2


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